Woknudeln (Wok noodles)

250 g

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Shan’shi Woknudeln (Wok noodles) are also ideal as a soup ingredient: simply add to the simmering soup and stir frequently. In 2-3 minutes the noodles have the right bite.

Woknudeln 250 g

Shan’shi Woknudeln (Wok noodles) are special noodles that are ideal as a side dish for lightning-fast wok dishes. Simply add Woknudeln (Wok noodles) to the wok or pan with a little liquid in a ratio of 1:2. With constant stirring, Shan’shi Woknudeln (Wok noodles) absorb the liquid and are ready in about 3-4 minutes!

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Average values per 100 g
energy 1497kJ / 353kcal
Fat 1.6g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.5g
carbohydrates 71g
of which sugars 3.0g
protein 12g
Salt 0.01g

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