Ramen Nudeln (Ramen noodles)

250 g

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Shan’shi Ramen Nudeln (Ramen noodles) – the Japanese soul food now from Shan’shi!

Ramen Nudeln (Ramen noodles) 250g

Ramen is very trendy: in Japan it has always been one of the most important dishes. Japanese noodle soup is also extremely popular with young and old in Europe. With the Shan’shi Ramen Nudeln (Ramen noodles) you can easily cook your favorite ramen soup at home, just like from the Japanese. The noodles are made from wheat flour, water and salt and can easily be added to the finished ramen soup. Whether vegetables or meat, the noodles are real all-rounders and taste great with any soup. Especially on cold winter days you can warm your soul and body with it.

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Average values per 100 g
energy 1483kJ / 350kcal
Fat 1.0g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.3g
carbohydrates 73g
of which sugars 5.3g
protein 11g
Salt 0.67g

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