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Shan’shi Woksauce is a great dip for grilled vegetables and shrimp!

Woksauce 150 ml

Soy sauces are an integral part of every Asian cuisine. There are many varieties of it, which differ in color, consistency, but also taste. Shan’shi Woksauce is characterized by a delicious aroma of garlic and ginger. It is ideal for refining wok dishes and rounds off pasta and rice dishes, poultry, meat, fish and vegetables. As a marinade, Shan’shi Woksauce also brings an exotic zest to any dish.

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product variations
Average values per 100 ml
energy 312kJ / 74kcal
Fat 1.1g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.2g
carbohydrates 15g
of which sugars 12g
protein 0.8g
Salt 6.5g

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