Sojasauce (Soy sauce)


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A few drops of Shan’shi Sojasauce are great for flavoring beef, chicken, or vegetable broth!

Sojasauce (Soy sauce) 150 ml

Sojasauce (Soy sauce) is an integral part of Asian cuisine, just like Salt and pepper in Europe. Sojasauce (Soy sauce) is made from fermented soybeans, grains and Salt . There are many variants that differ in colour, consistency and taste. Shan’shi Sojasauce (Soy sauce) serves as a flavoring in any Asian dish without masking the flavor of the ingredients. Shan’shi Sojasauce (Soy sauce) is also a perfect dip for sushi, maki and sashimi.

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Average values per 100 ml
energy 226kJ / 53kcal
Fat 0g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 0g
carbohydrates 8.9g
of which sugars 8.6g
protein 4.4g
Salt 12.9g

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